Automated Window Shades

“How did I ever live without these?”

Automated Window Shades

There are some things that – once you have them – you can’t live without. We can virtually guarantee that once you have automated window shades, you’ll never want to live without them again!

Most of our customers immediately recognize certain benefits of automated window shades including the added comfort, increased privacy and security, and significant energy savings.

An often overlooked benefit is that automated window shades help to protect your furniture, carpets, rugs, art, and antiques from the effects of harsh sunlight. As a homeowner, you know that both direct and indirect sunlight will fade, warp, and damage collectibles and, over time, require that you replace furniture and rugs. Without question, automated window shades and blinds will help to protect your fine furnishings.

Automated window shades are smart and easy

Your automated window shades and blinds actually track the sun and react accordingly. Plus, you can easily create a schedule, so shades will automatically adjust to meet your family’s comfort and privacy needs. As with automated lighting, you can adjust your shades from a wall panel, separate remote, or as part of an entire automation system.

Choose from a wide variety of styles and fabrics

We’re certain there’s a style of window shade or blinds to suit your home, including black-out options to completely darken a room. Plus, with many fabric choices available, we’ll work closely with you or your designer to compliment your decor.

Automated window shades help you create a “green” home

By incorporating automated window shades and blinds as part of your home’s climate control, you address energy management and reduce your carbon footprint. At Residential Technology Systems, we understand the importance of “daylight harvesting,” and we design and program the automated window shades to manage your home’s window exposures and improve energy efficiency.

Often, automated window shades are integrated into a comprehensive household management solution including automated home lighting, home climate control, and home security systems.

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