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Create a “smart” lifestyle that is comfortable, secure, and affordable. And fun!

Imagine a home that greets you by unlocking the front door and disabling the security system. Lights turn on automatically, and your favorite music plays throughout the house. Your home is warm and comfortable, thanks to temperature control and automatic window shades.

Next, you and your family settle into your comfy home theater to watch the latest movie, sports event, or concert, displayed on a wall-sized screen. Surround-sound audio is crisp and clear. Room lights are perfectly dimmed. And the popcorn smells great!

Now imagine prompting all this from your smartphone or other smart device. Everything except the popcorn, that is!

When it comes to your electronic lifestyle, the focus is not technology.
The focus is creating a comfortable, secure, and entertaining home.

While we get excited about technology, our goal isn’t to “wow” you with technology bells and whistles. Instead, we consult with you to clarify your needs and wants. And we take plenty of time to answer your questions about home automation systems that can support your electronic lifestyle.

We strive to create the solution that works best for you!
Your electronic lifestyle can include:

Enjoy home entertainment, comfort and security – thanks to custom-designed home technology systems that fit your desires and investment levels.

For over 20 years, the Residential Technology Systems team has made complex technology simple for customers who have homes in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the metro Twin Cities region – as well as vacation homes in the Brainerd Lakes Area and Central Minnesota.

We are experts and consultants, specializing in listening to you, then designing automated home technology systems that make life more comfortable, entertaining, safe, and secure. Again, we strive to create the solution that works best for you!

We invite you to enhance your home – and your life – with a “smart” electronic lifestyle. Let us show you how.