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Hybrid Experience Room

It’s not a video game, and not just a home theater. It’s an all-in-one hybrid experience room. Practice real sports skills in stadiums around the world, then immerse yourself in your favorite films. Discover the incredible realism and lifelike experience of a hybrid home simulator.

Hybrid Experience Room

It’s not a video game, and not just a home theater. It’s an all-in-one hybrid experience room. Practice real sports skills in stadiums around the world, then immerse yourself in your favorite films. Discover the incredible realism and lifelike experience of a hybrid home simulator.

Give Your Best Swing with GolfZon

Transfer your golf swing from the screen to the real green with the most technologically advanced golf simulator in the world, GolfZon. This isn’t an arcade game—it’s the real deal.

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Practice Like the Pros

Lower your handicap by practicing with the same intelligent technology used by the world’s greatest golfers.

  • 190+ World-Class Golf Courses

    Travel the globe and play on over 190 world-famous golf courses—no passport necessary. GolfZon’s interactive courses are accurate to every dimension, so if you ever visit the courses in real life, it will be like you’ve played there for years. Spend the day at the PGA National or Pebble Beach, then jet off to “the home of golf” at St Andrew’s in Scotland. Overlook Lake Geneva at Evian Resort Golf Club, then compete at Fuji Classic in Japan or Hong Kong Eden.
  • 4K Projection System

    GolfZon simulators are complete packages that include everything needed for a full golf experience. The first component is a 4K HDR laser projector that shines onto a custom impact screen with durable, webbed material built for impact from golf balls. After all, you’ll be aiming right at it! The sharp 4K image quality will transport you into the game, helping you focus and play like you’re really on the course.
  • High-Speed Sensors

    Our hybrid simulators use several intelligent sensors to accurately trace your movements on the course. Two high-speed camera sensors are mounted on the ceiling to track your club’s motion and the ball’s trajectory. Under your feet, smart sensors measure the pressure and position of your stance. After your swing, the simulator follows the ball’s location and gathers the speed, distance, backspin, and launch angle. You’ll gain real muscle memory and skills that transfer onto the real course once the season starts.

  • Swing Plate Platform

    Real golf courses aren’t flat and smooth, and neither is a GolfZon simulator. As you step onto the Moving Swing Plate platform, it gradually adjusts to downhill, uphill, and sidehill slopes according to the location on the virtual field. The plate also swings for right and left-handed players, so not only are the visuals ultra-realistic, but the ground you stand on will feel just like in real life.

    HD Multi-Sport Simulators

    When the weather’s dreary and it’s the off-season, many athletes find themselves losing touch with sports skills. But it doesn’t have to be so with a high-end sports simulator. Rain or snow, it’s always 78 degrees and sunny in your hybrid sports simulator. Keep your athlete progressing all year long on the field, rink, or court with real-world skills for your athlete in training.

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    Bring the Stadium Indoors

    Stay in the game year-round and play just as you would on the sports field with an HD sports simulator.

    Soccer Simulator

    If it’s raining or snowing outside, that doesn’t have to stop your soccer game! Practice shooting anytime with a true-to-life soccer simulation. Sensors will follow your movements and analyze where you kick the ball, instantly connecting to the game in real-time. Compete against other players in virtual tournaments, and enjoy the world’s sport in the comfort of your home.

    Hockey Simulator

    Are you a hockey fan or player? Ice hockey is also available on our multi-sport simulators, and you can step into real arenas from around the world and play as the crowd cheers. While the hockey simulator is fun to play, it acts as a powerful training tool to keep your skills sharp for the next time you’re on the ice.

    Lacrosse Simulator

    Enjoy North America’s oldest sport on your multi-sport simulator, with lacrosse available for lifelike gameplay. Toss the ball right into the custom impact screen, and watch as you score for your team. You’ll use your real lacrosse stick and rubber ball, just as you would on the field. Play in different virtual environments and stadiums, and compete in different challenges to work on your sport.

    Baseball Simulator

    Bring the batting cage experience home with an ultra-realistic sports simulator and baseball software. As the virtual ball is pitched, sensors will track your swing and accurately show where the ball soars while providing useful data and stats. Then practice your pitching, or gather all your friends and family to play while enjoying drinks and food at the bar. It’s an all-new way to do ‘game day!’
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    Hunting & Sports Shooting Simulator

    Let the outdoor sportsman in your family refine their shooting skills all year long with the power of Laser Shot hit-detection technology. From duck hunters to deer hunters to target shooting enthusiasts, our Hybrid Experience Rooms offer real shooting training in lifelike settings. Your sportsman will use true-to-life Laser Shot handguns, rifles, and shotguns that build muscle memory. So once the hunting or sport shooting season returns, they’ll be ready to compete with precision and confidence.

    Immersive Home Theater System

    When you’re not honing your sports skills, use the space to enjoy the latest blockbuster or old family favorite. With stunning 4K visuals, surround sound, and perfect lighting settings, you’ll step into the world of movies and shows, or feel as though you’re really in the stadium cheering for your favorite team or musician.
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    Unparalleled Audio & Video

    Bring immersion to your entertainment with a professionally-installed theater that rivals any downtown cinema.

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      Projector Systems

      In our professional home theaters, you won’t find any blurry or faded visuals. We use the latest 4K and 8K Sony projectors, including laser projectors that deliver bright, color-correct images. With a press of a button, lower the 150-inch Stewart Filmscreen video screen from the ceiling and start the system for showtime.

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      For a long time, TVs weren’t a large enough option for home theater systems. But today’s 4K displays are wider than ever, reaching titanic proportions fit for a cinema. We can build LED video walls to reach any dimension and shape, and you’ll enjoy ultra-clear, bright visuals that shine even during the day.
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      Surround Sound

      Immerse yourself in every car chase, music moment, and roar of the crowd with a high-end surround sound system. Bowers & Wilkins’ Atmos speakers envelop you in sound while the subwoofer delivers low bass notes for drama and impact. Rotel audio amplifiers and Marantz audio processing delivers movie theater-quality audio, so whether you’re watching a fantasy film or a classic rom-com, you’ll feel as if the action is reality.

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      Whether you want modern recliners or Old Hollywood-style seating, we provide seating to complement your theater’s unique design. And for two or more rows of viewers, we install tiered seating so everyone has the best view in the house. Looking for something more casual? We can build a sports bar space with all the best visuals, audio, and room to entertain guests.

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      Smart Control

      To make the most of your hybrid experience room, it needs to be simple to use. A smart control system syncs your audio, video, media sources, lighting, and more into one intuitive platform. Connected to a Kaleidescape video server, you’ll have all your movies at hand without worrying about streaming and buffering. So with a single command, you can lower the projector, dim the lights, and queue your favorite show—all from the same remote or app.

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