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3 Tell-Tale Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Home Networking

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Enjoy a faster connection with an upgrade!

The digital age has transformed our homes into smart, interconnected spaces. From streaming entertainment to controlling smart devices, our reliance on a robust home network is undeniable. However, even the most reliable networks can show signs of aging. Recognizing these indicators can empower you to take proactive steps for a smoother digital experience in your Minnetonka, MN, home.

In today’s blog, we’ll explore three unmistakable signs that you need to call the experts at ResTech Systems for a home networking upgrade. Take a look!

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Slow Internet Speeds

Slow internet speeds can be exasperating, especially in an era where we rely on the internet for so much. Whether you're streaming your favorite shows, working from home, or engaging in online gaming, a sluggish network can disrupt your activities and lead to frustration.

Slow speeds are often the first sign that something needs attention. The demands on your network have likely increased over the years, with more devices connecting and higher data requirements. As a result, your once-efficient network may now struggle to keep up. If you experience this, calling a professional tech firm such as ResTech Systems is the first step to discovering the problem and leaving your home networking as good as new.

Dead Zones in Your Home

Have you ever encountered dead zones in your home where the Wi-Fi signal mysteriously disappears? Dead zones are frustrating and can render certain areas of your house's internet inaccessible due to physical barriers, interference, or outdated equipment. These zones can be found in various corners of your home, from the basement to your outdoor spaces.

To solve this, our team will conduct a thorough assessment of your home's layout and network equipment to pinpoint dead zones. Then, we’ll strategically place access points and extenders to ensure consistent coverage throughout your home.

Buffering and Lag

Buffering and lag can turn an enjoyable movie night or gaming session into a frustrating experience. These issues occur when your network struggles to keep up with the demands of high-definition content or real-time online activities, as older routers and network equipment may not have the capacity to handle the increasing data flow required by today's technology. Moreover, buffering and lagging can severely impact your productivity when working from home or conducting important video conferences, making today’s labor market more challenging. 

Our experts can help you optimize your connection with advanced routers and network configurations designed to minimize buffering and lag. With our assistance, enjoying smooth, uninterrupted online experiences is easier than ever! 


Are you ready to enhance your smart home experience with a strong home network? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your path to a more connected and efficient smart home!

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