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How You Can Save Energy with Motorized Shades

Lutron motorized shades letting natural light into an elegant dining room.

Embrace Style and Luxury While Saving Money and Energy

Natural light is a great thing to have in your Plymouth, MN, home. More natural light can elevate your home’s beauty, making it feel airy and open and increasing your mood and overall health. However, leaving your shades open all the time to let in natural light can excessively heat or cool your home, making your HVAC system work overtime and raising your utility bill.

That’s why motorized shades are the perfect solution. They allow you to fill your home with the natural light you love while insulating it to preserve the heat or AC. Keep reading how motorized shades strike the ideal balance and can help make your home more energy efficient and save you money. 

Motorized Shades Offer Convenience, Beauty, and Privacy

A soft-lit dining area with Lutron shades lowered.

Lower Your Energy Usage with the Beauty of Diffused Sunlight

Do you ever find yourself enjoying your favorite Netflix series only to find sunlight suddenly casting a glare across the display? Or maybe you’re working on your laptop until light reflecting off the screen interrupts you. Every time this occurs, you search out the sunny culprit, the direct light shining through a window, and manually lower the shades. 

Until now. 

The latest motorized shades eliminate that problem. These shades raise and lower throughout the day, letting in just enough diffused sunlight without causing direct sun glare. And, with one touch of a button, you can raise or lower them in perfect unison. Let’s see how it’s done and how they’re enhancing our clients’ lives in Plymouth, MN. 


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