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How Can I Use My Solar Panel System At Night?

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Make the Most of Solar Energy with a Battery Storage System 

Are you thinking about installing a solar panel system in Mound, MN? It's a smart move that can help you save money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. 

However, many people don’t realize that without a battery storage system, you can only use solar energy during the day while the sun’s shining. After dark, you’ll still rely on the electrical grid, because that solar energy from the day isn’t stored anywhere.

That’s where Savant Power Storage comes in. Learn how a home battery and power management system can help you make the most of your solar panels and truly ‘live green.’

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Solar Battery Storage: How Does It Work? 

Battery storage systems are essential if you want to use solar energy when the sun isn’t shining. They allow you to store excess solar energy generated during the day and use it when it’s cloudy or night time. One such home battery system that stands out on the market is the Savant Power Storage. 

Savant Power Storage + Solar Panels 

Savant Power Storage is a battery and inverter package that empowers you to make the most of solar energy. It can pack up to 20 kilowatt-hours of battery storage and can keep any home running when the power’s out. Now, any unused solar energy won’t go to waste—you can use it later with Savant Power Storage! 

Want more control over your home’s solar energy and how it’s used? Savant also offers a power management system, the Savant Power System, which allows you to monitor and control your energy usage in real-time. With this system, you can track your energy production, consumption, and battery storage levels. You can also set preferences and schedules to optimize your energy usage and reduce your energy bills even further.

How We Install Savant Power Storage Systems 

Installing a home battery system with your electrical panel involves the following steps: 

  1. Wiring the Inverter and Battery: Your integrator (like our team at ResTech Systems) connects the inverter and battery to the electrical panel and to each other. We ensure that the proper wiring components, such as wires, connectors, and protection devices, are used, and they adhere to safety protocols. 
  2. Configuring Power Sources: We use Savant’s software to pair modules to the home controller, allowing communication between components. We configure your system to recognize and prioritize power sources, like solar panels and batteries, based on energy needs and preferences. 
  3. Documenting Loads and Locations: We meticulously record the load and location of each breaker within the main distribution panel and any additional panels, using the Savant Power System to document this information accurately. This documentation is essential for future reference, maintenance, and troubleshooting. 

Ready to Make the Most of Solar Panels?

If you're ready to take full advantage of your solar panel system in Mound, MN, and unleash the power of Savant Power Storage, contact ResTech Systems today. Our team of experts will help you set up your Savant Power system and battery storage, ensuring that you have a reliable and efficient source of energy for years to come.

Contact ResTech Systems to set up your Savant Power system and battery storage today!

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