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Designing a Home Theater System

Luxurious Media Room with Projection Display.

Explore the Endless Possibilities of a Home Theater

Many movies were made to be viewed in a theater. The display, the audio, the acoustics, the seating, everything in a movie theater is perfect for an optimum content-watching experience. But, no matter how good your living room TV is, a truly cinematic experience needs more than just a good TV screen. By installing a home theater system into your Orono, MN home, you can recreate a traditional theater experience in the comfort of your own home. Watch every movie the way it was intended to be seen!

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The Display

Movie theaters don’t have giant TVs. Instead, they have projectors and projection screens. Sony is an award-winning projector manufacturer. Their 4K projectors include IMAX enhanced so you can enjoy the bigger, crisper IMAX image you see in theaters, and the Triluminos Pro algorithm picks up breathtaking colors. 

A high-quality projector is nothing without a screen made to display its crisp image. Stewart Filmscreen takes the technology of professional movie theaters into your private residence. They have a variety of fixed and retractable screens and in a variety of mounts. So no matter what your home theater looks like, Stewart Filmscreen has a screen to fit.

The Audio

Now that you have a theater-grade display, you need a home theater sound system that provides high-quality audio to match. Revel has a variety of speakers that can be paired together to create the audio of your dreams.From Center Channels for anchoring the sound system to surround sound or in-wall speakers, Revel has the right devices to provide high-fidelity sound that will make it seem like you’re in the movie. ResTech Systems will deliver unique audio that matches your home theater’s needs.

The Design

Seating, acoustics, and aesthetics are important parts of your home theater’s design. With D-box motion seats that move and shake perfectly synched with your favorite films, you don’t have to just watch a movie, you can experience it. Through the HaptiSync app, you can personalize your entertainment experience.

Stylish acoustic panels, like Art Novian, can preserve the integrity of your sound system while adding stylish textures to your home theater room. Acoustic panels absorb soundwaves to eliminate echoes and reverb. The doors to your home theater can also be sealed with blockers to prevent external sound from getting in and sound from your media room from leaking out.

ResTech Systems doesn’t just install home theater systems. Our dedicated team works alongside you every step of the way, designing, engineering, installing, and providing customer service after the project. We want to help you achieve the home theater of your dreams and will work closely with you to ensure your needs are met.

Contact ResTech Systems to reach the next level of entertainment in your Orono, MN, home.

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