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Designing Your Home Theater, Gaming Room, or Both

A large home theater with gray loveseats and a movie screen depicting snowy mountains.

Custom Home Theater Installation Offers Limitless Possibilities

Whether you’re considering your first home theater installation or updating an existing space, we are excited for you! There’s nothing better than enjoying a recent blockbuster movie, binge-watching your latest Netflix series, or catching a big game from your home theater. And music lovers cherish the immersive experience that is second only to a front-row seat at a live concert.

At ResTech Systems, we get excited about sharing the latest technology with our clients, who we view as friends. In home theaters, that technology seems to change regularly, with each passing season bringing greater images and immersive sound experiences. 

Of course, a home theater installation at your home in Plymouth, MN, isn’t just about the latest projectors, screens, and high-fidelity audio. For families to truly enjoy the experience to the fullest, a home theater needs to be created with their unique lifestyle in mind. That's why no two home theaters are ever the same. Let’s explore the options.

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The Design

Do you have a movie-theater design in mind? Some clients relish the elegant tiered theater seating, gold-lamed wallpaper, and luxurious red velvet curtains reminiscent of the once common opulent theaters. Others prefer cozy gatherings with overstuffed loveseats and pillows. 

Then there are those uniquely designed for the action-packed movie screen or a challenging video game marathon. At ResTech Systems, we partner with D-Box, leaders in immersive cinematic motion. Their movie seats are synchronized with the sound and image on the screen, plunging you into the film and taking you into the action.

Some of our clients also enjoy 3D sports simulators in their home theaters. These turn your home theater into a pebble beach golf course or place you on the football field. Your family can enjoy playing almost any interactive sport in your home theater that now doubles as an arena. 

The Sound & Image

The possibilities in today’s home theater images and sound are nothing if not extraordinary. In fact, you’ll find that our local cinemas can’t even compare. Today’s Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound frees audio channels so that the sound moves above and around you. You hear the plane flying over you and feel like you’re in the middle of the storm. We partner with some of the best audio brands on the market, ensuring high-fidelity audio as the originator intended. 

You may have already experienced the lifelike images the latest 4K OLED displays provide. Today’s projectors take it up a notch, incorporating IMAX Enhanced technology. For those of you who have been to an IMAX movie, you know the visuals can be breathtakingly real and even sometimes disorienting. IMAX-compatible content draws you in and is as close to reality as one can experience. 

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade, some ideas for your still imaginary home theater, or are ready to create the favorite room in your home, we’re here to help. We have solutions for every type of home theater you can imagine while helping you stay within your budget. To learn more about home theater installations or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact ResTech Systems today!

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