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Add Lavish Lighting to Your Home with These Brands

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Discover How Premium Lighting Fixtures Create the Ambiance You Want in Your Home

Home lighting is no longer simply a functional aspect of your rooms. That is, while it is primarily used to illuminate a dark room, it offers so much more. The features and integration of premium lighting fixtures play an important role in the aesthetics of your home. Add to that lighting control, and you enjoy a space that is beautiful and automated.

Read on to learn about the top brands that offer advanced lighting control and stylish fixtures that completely transform your home in Orono, MN, residence.

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Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to fixtures, you have plenty of options to choose from - ones that give your home the character you want. Depending on your desires, you can group different fixtures together to create unmatched ambiance in your kitchen, bedroom, living areas, bathroom, or home theater. Below, we will highlight a few lighting brands, as well as lighting automation options, that you’ll want to know about for lighting design and control. 

WAC Lighting

Traditionally, artwork and cabinets remain in the background as afterthoughts that contribute to the home decor. Don’t let custom woodwork, architectural features, and artwork go to waste. With WAC lighting, you can bring your cabinets and artwork into the limelight. The company offers a wide range of beautiful fixtures, from recessed lighting and under cabinet lighting to pendant lights and decorative ceiling lights. 

DMF Lighting

Enhance the aesthetics of your home with wall-wash lighting, downlights, and other architectural lights. With DMF lighting’s warm dim technology, you transform the ambiance of every room. The strategic installation uses colors, shadows, and illumination to cast your interiors in the best light and set a mood for the space. 

USAI Lighting 

Lighting also involves wellness. Circadian lighting is no longer an idea but a reality. A light source mimicking the correlated color temperature and hues of natural sunlight stimulate the circadian rhythm, resulting in improved activity and better sleep quality. USAI lighting offers the best circadian lights with a high CRI (color rendering index) value to recreate a broad spectrum of realistic natural colors. 

Lighting Control

Whether you want ambient lighting, task lights, or circadian lighting, changing lighting scenes requires a control system that allows you to adjust illumination conveniently. Lutron is among the top brands that offer lighting control. For starters, it will enable you to control the lighting system with elegant wall-mounted switches. You can also download the Lutron app to enjoy convenient control from your smartphone or tablet with a single button press. 


Are you ready to transform the aesthetics and functionality of your home lighting? ResTech Systems is a certified dealer of all top lighting control and fixture brands. Call (763) 710-5700 to get started, or reach out by filling out a contact form.

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