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Home Lighting Automation Brings Personalization And Other Benefits


Smart Lighting Gives You The Ability To Create Ambiance And Increase Wellness 

The light in our homes has a significant influence on our perceptions, emotions, and general well-being. Light is often viewed for its practical purpose, but there is so much more that it can do. 

Smart home lighting provides illumination to guide our way, set the mood of a room, bring the backyard to life at night, and add to your sense of security. 

Natural sunlight furnishes the best illumination to work in and initiates the creation of serotonin, the hormone associated with happiness and focus, in our bodies. Using human-centric lighting automation fosters attentiveness, creativity, and better energy throughout the day. 

Are you curious to learn more about how lighting enhances your Plymouth, MN home and lifestyle? Read more below to find out. 

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Regulated Rhythms

The sun’s cycle has regulated human behavior throughout our evolution as a species. We rose at first light to tend to the land and bedded down as the stars came out. These early activities resulted in our circadian rhythm, a natural response to sunlight.

Tunable lighting works to bring balance by supplementing natural light with electric illumination that matches and accentuates the effect. Start the day with a soft glow that transitions into a more vibrant intensity, ending the day with warm colors to prep the brain for sleep. 

By Design, Personalized 

Research has shown that a room with lighting that is cold in color temperature and harsh in its intensities can be detrimental. Psychologically we view such spaces as uninviting and closed off. 

Working with your architects and interior designers, we can create welcoming and more personalized lighting. Choose the colors that relax you, add ambiance to a dinner party, or automatically dim the lights in the home theater

Light Up The Night

The night brings unique opportunities to enhance outdoor activities. You can keep the party going by lighting up the pool, keeping the fun safe, or add a touch of light during a backyard dinner without washing out the night sky. Add outdoor safe televisions and distributed audio to extend your living beyond the wall of your home. 

Light may guide our way in the dark, but it also prevents uninvited individuals from gaining access to your property unnoticed. Police agencies note that well-lit front doors and access gates are less attractive to those with less than congenial intent. As part of a more extensive security system, you can rest with peace of mind that the people and property you care about are protected. 

Whole-home lighting automation brings many benefits to your house and lifestyle. Are you curious to learn how to start? Gives us a call at (763) 710-5700 or fill out our contact form to schedule a private tour of our showroom. We look forward to working with you!

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