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Keep Your Life Moving Forward With Home Automation


Invest in the smart and intuitive technologies that make your daily life easier 

Who has time to slow down these days? We know you live a busy lifestyle juggling work, family, social and personal responsibilities. With so much going on day-to-day, you need technologies that can keep up with your pace. As a trusted home automation company in the area, ResTech Systems is here to help you find the smart technology and automation solutions that make your life easier, more comfortable, and more secure. 

Smart, intuitive home technologies ensure that your days move seamlessly, no matter what’s on the agenda. Keep reading to learn how home automation complements your lifestyle in Wayzata, MN.  

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Put More Time Back Into Your Day 

When you lead a busy lifestyle, every second counts. Smart technologies and automated processes can streamline your daily routines, freeing up precious time that’s usually wasted on mundane tasks.  

Gain 5-10 minutes in the morning by pressing the “Away” button on the on-wall touchscreen by the door — lights will turn off, the thermostat will shift into energy-saving mode, the alarm will arm, and the doors will lock automatically behind you. At night, secure your home with the press of a button on your phone instead of running around the house right before bed. A “Goodnight” scene will turn off all electronics, lock unlocked doors, lower the thermostat to a cooler temperature, close the motorized shades, and arm the security alarm.  

Decompress and Destress 

You want to make the most of your time at home, and smart technology can help. In a connected home, you can instantly set the scene for pampering yourself with an at-home spa day or relaxing with amazing entertainment on the weekends.   

Have a few hours to yourself? Throw a bath bomb into the master tub, then press a button on your smartphone to dim the bathroom lights, roll down the motorized shades, and play soft music over the in-ceiling speakers while you soak and relax. Reconnect with your family on a Saturday evening with a movie night in your living room. Press the “Movie Night” icon on your tabletop touchscreen, and your living room transforms into a private home theater. The large-screen TV and surround-sound systems power on, living room shades roll down, and the lights turn off. A dim light illuminates in the kitchen so that you can grab snacks throughout the film. 

Feel More Secure 

Safety and security are primary pain points for homeowners who want to protect their property, valuables, pets, and family. Smart security systems with integrated alarms, surveillance, sensors, and door locks proactively monitor your home and alert you to incidents within seconds.   

Interior and exterior motion-sensor cameras start recording as soon as motion is detected and send a notification to your smartphone. Integrate surveillance cameras with smart lighting so that lights turn on when someone enters the camera’s range — potentially scaring off a would-be intruder. Integrate window/door sensors, smoke sensors, and water sensors with a smart alarm that blares a warning when it detects a broken window, fire or a water leak. Replace keys with smart locks that require a passcode, keycard, or biometric scan to unlock. Check on surveillance footage, sensors, and door locks at any time using an app on your smartphone.    

Trust ResTech Systems as your local home automation company in Wayzata, MN, and surrounding areas. Along with our expert installation and integration services, we offer 24/7 after-hour service and maintenance packages with our experienced technicians. All technology hits a snafu at some point, but we make sure you have immediate assistance available to resolve problems.   

If you’re ready to experience a smarter lifestyle, let’s discuss home technology solutions that meet your needs. Call us at 763-710-5700 or fill out a contact form to get started. We look forward to working with you! 

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