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How Audio-Video Distribution Can Enhance Your Lifestyle

Closeup of a wall-mounted Savant interface.  

From the Front Door to the Backyard, Savant Gives You Whole-Home Audio-Video 

You have an active lifestyle, and staying in one place for more than five minutes is hardly ever an option. If this sounds about right, we’ve got great news for you! With a new audio-video distribution system, your favorite songs and movies will never be farther than a screen tap away, no matter what room you are in. 

At ResTech Systems, we design, install, and integrate whole-home AV systems tailored to your home and lifestyle, bringing clients across Plymouth, MN, the latest in smart technology solutions. 

Read on to learn how you would experience Savant’s audio anywhere in your smart home, from the moment you cross the front threshold until you step into the backyard. 

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Through the Front Door

Whole-home audio-video starts at the front door, along with your other technology systems. From the moment you step inside, the Savant app gives you control over lighting, temperature, security, and any AV smart devices at home. Whether you use your smartphone, a wall-mounted interface, or the Savant X2 universal controller is entirely up to you! 

As you walk through the living room, you'll appreciate the 2-channel audio quality from Paradigm speakers playing the perfect “welcome home” song. Thanks to Savant’s audio processing and video scaling, this sound will be available anywhere else at home, along with the best possible picture quality on any of your TVs. 

Experience the Indoors

Before stepping into the kitchen, you decide to pause the video on your smartphone and stream it to the living room TV. All it takes is a tap on your phone. While preparing a drink and microwaving some popcorn, you issue a voice command into the wall-mounted Savant interface, informing your home theater to prepare for a night of movies and relaxation. 

At the theater, the lights dim and the shades roll down, and your only mission is picking the right film. With Savant, cable boxes, streaming devices, and Blu-ray players are all housed under a single, integrated umbrella, giving you access to your favorite shows, movies, and music on any of your TVs or audio systems. Sure, you’ve already watched Star Wars a hundred times, but one more watch won’t hurt! 

Hi-Fi Outdoor Audio & Video 

As you exit to the backyard, high-quality audio should follow you every step of the way. Fortunately, modern weather-resistant smart devices blur the line between indoors and out. The same is also true for video. From a quiet night outside to relaxing by the pool while watching football, anti-glare TVs offer you industry-leading quality even under the summer sun.

With Savant and ResTech Systems, your smart home can have hi-fi audio and video in every space. When you are ready to leap into the future of whole-home entertainment, contact us to learn more about how we can help. 

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