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Our Beginner’s Guide to Whole-House Audio

A dining room with Sonance hidden speakers.

How to Bring High-End Sound to Every Area of the House 

How do you listen to music at home? Maybe you have a Bluetooth speaker in the kitchen or a turntable in the living room. As great as that may sound, what happens when you walk into another room? Can music only be heard in one area?

A whole-house audio system lets you synchronize speakers to play across your entire home—and outdoors too. Whether you’re streaming Spotify, playing the radio, or connecting to the TV, you’ll enjoy music wherever you roam. Here’s how whole-home audio works and how you can bring it to your Plymouth, MN, house. 

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How Does Whole House Audio Work? 

Whole-home audio systems can be installed in several ways. One method is to use a multi-source receiver or control system that connects to amplifiers across the house. We then wire speakers to the amplifiers (or connect wirelessly over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi), and from there, you can switch between different media sources. 

Which Is Best: Wired or Wireless? 

When setting up a multi-room speaker system, we usually recommend wiring the speakers for better reliability. However, if you prefer the convenience of wireless speakers, it's important to avoid Bluetooth-dependent models and opt for Wi-Fi-enabled speakers instead. Bluetooth doesn't have the strength or range to transmit audio signals throughout your entire house. 

Keep in mind that you'll still need a strong Wi-Fi network to ensure a seamless whole-home system. If your Wi-Fi is weak in any areas, we recommend including a range extender. And remember, wireless speakers aren’t entirely wireless—they still need to connect to a power outlet.

If you're in the process of building a new home or renovating your current one, it's a great opportunity to install network cables within the walls. This will give you a neat, aesthetically pleasing system with hidden wires and reliable performance. Another advantage of wired audio systems is that you can mix and match equipment from different brands.

What About Hidden Audio? 

Next time you're at a nice restaurant or café and hear music playing, take a look around. You might notice small speaker grilles on the walls or ceilings, or you might not see any speakers at all. These are in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, which are popular for their minimalist design. 

You can bring the same discreet installation to your own home. Hidden speakers are wired and installed within your walls or ceilings, covered with a flat, paintable grille. Despite being hidden, they still provide excellent sound quality, especially when using high-end brands. You can conveniently control the entire system from your phone, tablet, or even using voice commands.

Is Whole-House Audio Worth It?

With music playing in every room, you can enjoy subtle background sounds during any activity. And if you're not in the mood for music, you can use the whole-house system to listen to podcasts, catch up on the morning news, indulge in audiobooks, or relax with calming meditation sounds.

Let Us Install Your Whole-House Audio 

If you’re interested in a multi-room audio system in the Plymouth, MN, area, ResTech Systems is your destination. We install whole-home audio systems that perform seamlessly and are customized to your needs. Contact us here to learn more! 

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