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The Importance of Well-Executed Commercial Lighting


Lutron Offers Lighting Solutions for Businesses of All Shapes and Sizes, Regardless of Industry

If you own or manage a Plymouth, MN, business, you're likely familiar with the importance of commercial lighting. Whether you need to sufficiently light your conference or boardroom or showcase products in a retail or showroom setting, Lutron has the solution. 

Lighting dramatically affects how consumers, clients, and employees respond to a particular environment. Keep reading to learn more about how Lutron takes lighting to new levels!

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A Rundown of Lutron Lighting

Lutron provides sustainable lighting control solutions for commercial spaces explicitly designed for energy efficiency. Lutron features many popular products, including:

Lighting Control Systems

This control system allows you to manage all the lighting throughout your space, including individual offices and meeting rooms. A Lutron system can integrate with daylight and occupancy sensors and other control devices that ensure your lights are only used when necessary, efficiently cutting electricity costs. 

Wireless Options

During installation of Lutron lights, consider choosing the wireless option, meaning that the installer won’t have to tear down walls to set up your system. This solution is most useful when you’re adding lights to an existing building, rather than starting from scratch with new architecture. Wireless lighting makes maintenance easier and increases your system’s flexibility. 

LED Lighting Solutions

Lutron offers many LED lighting solutions to provide high-quality, energy-friendly lighting for your commercial building. You can customize your solutions to meet the needs of your space, which we'll discuss now. 

How Lutron Meets the Needs of Individual Businesses

Lutron is fantastic for commercial spaces, with many available products to keep you well-lit, productive, and energy efficient. 

For boardrooms, Lutron offers a range of solutions that deliver optimal lighting for presentations, meetings, and conferences. A well-executed conference room lighting system could even include motorized shades, which reduce glare and allow natural light into the room. 

Lutron features eclectic fixtures for your meeting rooms, and they include the following:

Palladiom Keypads: Intuitive, elegant, business-friendly keypad controls allow you to easily adjust the light in the room, creating different lighting scenes for various purposes. 

EcoSystem Technology: EcoSystem is a flexible lighting system that you can adjust to provide the right amount of light for whatever task you're involved in, preventing excessive energy use. You can integrate it into the building management system. 

Linear LED Fixtures: These incredible fixtures provide high-quality, evenly dispersed lighting suitable for boardrooms. You can dim them quickly via Lutron control systems. 

Lutron's lighting control solutions can also highlight products and create an inviting atmosphere in retail spaces or showrooms. Accent lighting is the perfect way to show your customers the items you're proud of, and you can change lighting levels as necessary. 

Lutron and Your Commercial Space

Lutron's lighting control solutions provide businesses with flexible, customizable lighting options that meet the needs of different spaces and purposes, helping to enhance the user experience and increase productivity. If you're ready to step up your commercial lighting game, ResTech Systems can help! Contact us now for additional information!

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