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Improve Your Home Energy Management with Innovative Technologies

A woman uses her Savant interface to adjust a smart thermostat.

Smart Home Solutions Can Help You Go Green

While smart home automation can create an ideal daily living experience throughout the entirety of your Minnetonka, MN, property, it can also help you reduce your carbon footprint. A variety of smart home solutions contribute to an effortless home energy management system and setup - allowing you to become more energy efficient with just the tap of a button.

Save energy and lower your monthly bills with smart technologies that maintain energy usage throughout your home and all throughout the year. Let’s explore how these smart solutions can help you go green below!

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Smart Solutions Optimize Your Energy Usage

Various smart home technologies can help keep your energy usage on track. Your home energy management system incorporates every smart solution and device, centralizing them all to give you valuable insight and data. You’ll be able to determine which devices are using more energy than the others, along with historical usage data. This setup lets you plan ahead if one appliance is using up too much energy or if you need to access backup power in case of a bad storm or outage. You can plan not only for emergencies but also for your monthly costs. This sort of information makes you an informed homeowner, and gives you the ability to lower your costs if needed!

So what are the different smart technologies that can aid with this energy management setup? The trifecta of smart lighting fixtures, automated window treatments, and climate control can help regulate your energy usage and save where it matters.

Lighting Control: Lights that are left on unnecessarily can contribute to wasted energy throughout the year. Ensure that lights are only on when in needed with preset schedules and scenes programmed as part of your automated system. Dimmers are another option for reducing lighting usage while still letting you create the perfect ambiance with your fixtures. They ensure that bulbs last longer while conserving energy. Finally, you can eliminate lights staying left on in rooms that no one is no longer in with occupancy sensors! After a few minutes of no detected motion, the room lights will shut off automatically, preventing further waste.

Motorized Shading: Shades provide natural insulation throughout the whole year. Warm or cool air can stay trapped inside, keeping your family comfortable and safe during the most intense kinds of weather. With this insulation, your HVAC system won’t go into overdrive keeping your spaces warm or cool. Program shades to lower during the sun’s harshest moments of the day to prevent heat gain in your living spaces, and raise them up frequently when the sun is less harsh - giving your interior lighting a break!

Climate Control: Keep your smart thermostat at the desired interior temperature at all times! The thermostat regulates the temperature based on what’s happening outdoors and then adjusts accordingly. However, while you’re away from home, the thermostat can power off since it won’t be in use. Then, when you’re set to be home soon, your HVAC system kicks back into gear and prepares your home environment to meet your needs the moment you walk through the door.

Want to learn more about a home energy management system? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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