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Why It's Imperative to Perfect Your Commercial Lighting

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Intuitive Commercial Lighting Control Is Vital to Security, Efficiency, and Sales 

Though lighting control systems are still considered a luxury in many residential spaces, they've been necessary in commercial areas for decades. That's because well-designed commercial lighting systems are truly transformative. Using dimmers, sensors, and intuitive controls from your device of choice, easily match fixtures to the environment and application while reducing waste, boosting your brand, and enhancing employee morale. Whether you're running a corporate office or retail space in Edina, MN, the proper lighting will make all the difference. 

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Energy Efficiency and Compliance

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), lighting amounts to 40% of energy consumption in commercial buildings. One of the main objectives of commercial lighting systems is to conserve energy and meet energy codes. Many federal, state, and municipal regulations require reducing energy consumption by automating lighting based on occupancy. Some even require dimming light fixtures during peak demand when the energy grid is strained. 

Along with increased energy efficiency, responsible lighting could attract clients. A recent study found 56% of Americans won't buy products from brands they believe to be unethical. Increasingly, that includes those not making a concerted effort to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Control systems integrate motion sensors which automatically turn off commercial lighting fixtures in unoccupied rooms. Schedules also ensure lights turn off after closing time. Use real-time analytics to spot problem areas using the most energy and adjust accordingly. 

Security and Safety 

Your commercial lighting is also vital to your overall security. Motion sensors activate exterior floodlights to deter criminals and improve the quality of essential surveillance footage. Schedule outdoor lights to come on after sunset to avoid dark areas prone to crime. Interior lighting control also helps with overall safety. Properly illuminating spaces is vital, with trips and falls leading to workplace injuries—and costly lawsuits. Sensors help light areas even when workers' hands are full to eliminate unnecessary risks. Meanwhile, track lighting adds greater visibility in dangerous walkways. 

Comfort and Productivity 

Poor lighting is also a common complaint among employees in office spaces. Commercial lighting control lets you change lumens and color temperature to best suit your workflow. Proper task lighting will reduce glare, eye strain, and fatigue. By creating a more comfortable working environment, you'll improve employee retention and their day-to-day productivity. 


If you run a client-facing business, you've likely spent thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars on your outdoor signage. So why let it disappear in the dark? Strategically placed LED lights showcase your signage and your building's exterior and entryways. Use programmed schedules to have bright commercial LED lighting turn on after the sun sets to help your property stand out from the rest. Even play around with the colors to best match your branding. 

Revolutionize your commercial space with our intuitive lighting control systems. Call us today or fill out our contact form for a lighting solution tailored to your unique business needs. Let's transform your workspace together!

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