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How You Can Save Energy with Motorized Shades

Lutron motorized shades letting natural light into an elegant dining room.

Embrace Style and Luxury While Saving Money and Energy

Natural light is a great thing to have in your Plymouth, MN, home. More natural light can elevate your home’s beauty, making it feel airy and open and increasing your mood and overall health. However, leaving your shades open all the time to let in natural light can excessively heat or cool your home, making your HVAC system work overtime and raising your utility bill.

That’s why motorized shades are the perfect solution. They allow you to fill your home with the natural light you love while insulating it to preserve the heat or AC. Keep reading how motorized shades strike the ideal balance and can help make your home more energy efficient and save you money. 

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Better Insulation

Lutron shades perfectly fit your window, keeping the sun, heat, and cold air out when they’re closed. You can even get blackout curtains to completely block all light from filtering in. These types of curtains are perfect for keeping bedrooms dark and giving complete privacy, on top of preserving your home’s temperature.

But you don’t need to sacrifice views and light for insulation. With Lutron’s sheer shades, you can still have a little light filter in and see outside your window while still having enough coverage to act as protection from the sun’s UV rays and outdoor temperatures to save energy. You can even double up on window coverings so you have one layer of sheer and one layer of blackout, so you can choose what level of insulation you need throughout the day. 

Automated to Close When Needed

Opening your shades for a little won’t hurt your utility bill—it’s when they’re left open for a long time that it starts to impact your home’s climate. However, it’s extremely easy to open your shades and forget about them, meaning they’re letting in hot or cold air for hours, and your HVAC system is left trying to combat it. 

That’s not a problem with Lutron shades. You can set them on a timer so that they automatically close, preserving your home’s temperature even when it slips your mind. Good times to schedule closures are when you leave the house or in the afternoon when the sun gets too hot. Plus, control is easy from your phone, so if you forgot to close them before you left for the day, you can quickly close them right from your phone. 

Motorized shades help preserve your home’s temperature by balancing natural light and insulation. It ensures your HVAC system doesn’t work harder than it needs, making your home more eco-friendly and saving you money on your utilities. If you want motorized shades installed in your Plymouth, MN, home, then you should contact Residential Technology Systems today! We look forward to helping you choose luxury Lutron shades that benefit your home.

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