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Motorized Shades Offer Convenience, Beauty, and Privacy

A soft-lit dining area with Lutron shades lowered.

Lower Your Energy Usage with the Beauty of Diffused Sunlight

Do you ever find yourself enjoying your favorite Netflix series only to find sunlight suddenly casting a glare across the display? Or maybe you’re working on your laptop until light reflecting off the screen interrupts you. Every time this occurs, you search out the sunny culprit, the direct light shining through a window, and manually lower the shades. 

Until now. 

The latest motorized shades eliminate that problem. These shades raise and lower throughout the day, letting in just enough diffused sunlight without causing direct sun glare. And, with one touch of a button, you can raise or lower them in perfect unison. Let’s see how it’s done and how they’re enhancing our clients’ lives in Plymouth, MN. 

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Daylighting and Reduced Energy Usage

Walking into your home and seeing beams of sunlight shining through your windows can almost take your breath away—it’s that beautiful. Unfortunately, this same sunlight can also fade furniture and floors and cast that annoying glare. The answer lies in motorized shades.

At ResTech Systems, we partner with industry leaders in home automation. In lighting and shades, that brand is Lutron. Always on the cutting edge of technology, they offer numerous styles of window coverings and over 1,400 different fabrics. These smart shades operate automatically throughout the day based on preset schedules, temperature, and direct sunlight. 

For example, in the winter, the shades facing south open to let in the sun's warmth and reduce the need for heat. In the summer, these same shades close, decreasing solar heat gain and HVAC usage.

They also let in just enough diffused sunlight, reducing your need for electric light. Your lights dim and brighten throughout the day in response to the available daylight, and only in occupied rooms. In essence, your lights, shades, and thermostat work together to create the ideal environment, reducing energy consumption, lowering your electric bill, and lessening your home’s carbon footprint.

The Perfect Solution for Every Room

These shades come in several opacities, enabling our designers to work with you to create the right amount of light for every room. Lutron’s SheerShade designer fabrics come in decorative open weaves that let in filtered sunlight and retain your beautiful view. Privacy fabrics let in some light but limit the view to shapes and shadows. 

The blackout fabrics prevent light from coming through and offer ideal window coverings for media rooms and bedrooms. Lutron offers roller and roman shades, motorized draperies, and even tensioned shades for skylights and architecturally diverse windows. 

Complete Privacy & Security

When evening comes, your motorized window coverings close, providing your family complete privacy. When you’re away, your shades keep working, helping maintain your home’s security. We’ll program an “Away” setting that turns your lights on and off and lowers and raises your shades randomly while you’re gone, creating the illusion that you’re home and averting anyone with ill intent. 

At ResTech Systems, we provide our clients with customized home automation solutions using the latest technology that’s easy to use and enhances their everyday lives. To learn more about motorized shades or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact ResTech Systems today.

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