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Crosslake Home Deep Dive: Home Network Setup


Explore how the Crosslake Home stays connected with enterprise-grade networking

At ResTech Systems, designing smart homes that are easy and enjoyable to use is our passion. We have years of experience installing custom home solutions for clients in Wayzata, MN, and surrounding areas. Over the past month, we’ve published a few blogs exploring the work we did for a family lake house in the scenic city of Crosslake, MN.

Today, we invite you to take a deeper dive into the Crosslake Home project and learn about the home network setup we installed for our client. Keep reading below! 

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A Blanket of Protection

At first glance, the Crosslake Home’s networking needs looked daunting. To start, the house has whole-home automation with connected lighting, shading, security, and AV that relies on the network to operate. Additionally, our clients entertain frequently and need a network with the high-bandwidth capacity to support a home theater and golf simulator. And finally, our clients have guests over regularly, which means the home network needs the bandwidth and coverage to support multiple smartphones and other personal devices.

Luckily, our team at ResTech Systems was up for the task. With help from our preferred networking brands Luxul and Ruckus, we installed a high-speed, reliable, and secure network infrastructure that enveloped the entire house.

Enterprise-Grade Equipment

We knew that consumer-grade routers, switches, and other networking hardware wouldn’t have the necessary power to support a large and connected house like the Crosslake Home. That’s why we installed a networking infrastructure with enterprise-grade routers and switches from Luxul and wireless access points (WAPs) from Ruckus. 

How does enterprise-grade equipment differ from consumer-grade equipment? Enterprise-grade equipment is designed to support the internet and networking needs of businesses with numerous connected systems and devices as well as more square footage to cover. As a result, enterprise-level routers and switches have more robust processing power, more memory, better software for traffic prioritization, and more sophisticated firewalls and security measures. 

With an enterprise-grade router and strategically placed WAPs, we were able to provide corner-to-corner Wi-Fi coverage that keeps all connected devices and systems operating smoothly. 

A Guest Network

Our clients enjoy entertaining in the Crosslake Home with their extended family. And that means the network needs to support multiple smartphones and other personal devices (like tablets or laptops) when guests are over. The problem is that each of these unfamiliar devices creates a pathway for hackers, ransomware, malware, or viruses to breach the home network. 

We created a separate guest network for extended family members and other visitors to connect their devices when visiting the Crosslake Home. Guests can still connect to the Wi-Fi, but they don’t have access to the family’s connected computers, smartphones, or smart home systems. A second network protects the primary home network from intrusions and cyber threats.

Builder Spotlight: Land’s End Development

Our team at ResTech Systems worked side-by-side daily with the custom builder Land’s End Development to meet our client’s high expectations for the Crosslake Home. We could not have completed this project successfully without their skills, expertise, and creative vision.

Are you ready to see what ResTech Systems can do for your home in Wayzata, MN? Reach out to our team via phone, online form, or live chat on our website to schedule a consultation. We would be honored to work with you! 

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