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How to Get the Most from Your Sports Simulator

A golf simulator featuring a virtual caddy kiosk and ceiling projector. 

Learn More About Hybrid Experience Rooms & Sports Simulators 

No luxury smart home in Minneapolis, MN, would be complete without a home theater. It is the perfect space to enjoy both alone and family time, watching shows, films, and live events in an immersive environment. Some of our clients even opt for throwing in a sports simulator as well! But what if we told you there is a lot more entertainment just waiting to be installed at your home theater? 

At ResTech Systems, we go beyond theaters and simulators by creating hybrid experience rooms that redefine at-home entertainment. Read on to learn more about them and how they may be closer to your home than you think! 

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The Hybrid Experience Room

So, what exactly is a hybrid experience room, and is it as cool as it sounds? The answer to the second question is a resounding yes, which we can explain by answering the first one!

The hybrid experience room is a home theater reimagined as an all-encompassing, fully immersive, and incredibly versatile entertainment hub. It is a place where you can switch from your favorite golf simulator to the latest shooting simulator just by tapping on a kiosk’s smart interface. All this without affecting your ability to experience films in 4K HD and immersive surround sound in any way!

A Simulator for Every Taste

When working with our clients on their hybrid experience rooms, one of their most common questions is which simulators we should install. Our answer is always the same: it is entirely up to you! 

Installing multiple simulators in a room is also an option and often requires far less space than you may think. Brands like Séura, for example, offer the option of hiding an 85” 4K HDR TV behind your artwork, which will slide up, down, or sideways with a tap on your smartphone. Motorized projector screens are yet another option, where a single projector could feed a golf simulator on one wall, a shooting simulator on another, and project films onto a main, stationary screen. 

A Professional Installation 

On its own, a home theater is a complex enough project. Whether you already have a dedicated entertainment space at home or are looking to design one from scratch, we can help. From there, we will determine which simulators are right for you and transform your theater into a hybrid experience room! 

No other home automation company in Minnesota can match our level of expertise or offer you the peace of mind that comes from 24/7 support. From app control and system monitoring to remote repair and assistance, our team of experts will be just a screen tap away at any time, day or night!

Contact us today to set your home theater on the path to entertainment royalty and discover the magic of a hybrid experience room!

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