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Maxwell Bay: Creating a Healthy Home with a Central Vacuum System


Learn how a central vacuum system helps keep the Maxwell Bay house fresh and clean!

The Maxwell Bay house in Minnetonka, MN, is ResTech Systems’ most recent luxury project. Our clients wanted a home that was fully automated and easy to use, so we installed smart lighting and shading, a home theater, surveillance, climate control, and a central vacuum system, all controlled by Savant automation.

One of the biggest undertakings of this project was a central vacuum installation. Our clients want to keep their gorgeous home looking and feeling fresh, clean, and pristine 24/7. A centralized vacuum system integrated into the home makes regular deep cleaning fast and convenient. Keep reading to get a deeper look into this aspect of the Maxwell Bay project!

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Deep-Down Clean

A central vacuum replaces clunky vacuum cleaners and other vacuuming tools with a single, versatile system that covers an entire house. Here’s how it works: a network of tubing is installed inside the walls and travels back to a vacuum unit located outside the house in a basement or garage. When it’s time to vacuum, simply plug a lightweight hose into special wall outlets and start cleaning.

Our clients at Maxwell Bay like to keep a clean house. So, we installed a VACUFLO built-in system to make it easy to deep clean with relative simplicity. Their central vacuuming system has a more powerful motor than a portable vacuum cleaner, which allows it to extract the stickiest grit, dust, dirt, and particles embedded in the floors and carpet. In addition, the flexible, lightweight hose can stretch and bend to reach every nook, cranny, and difficult spot in the house. 

Air Quality

Portable vacuum cleaners with attached bags recirculate particles and allergens back into living spaces during use. Our clients’ central vacuuming system completely removes dust, dirt, pet dander, and other allergens from the house, improving indoor air quality and reducing the risk of allergy and asthma flare-ups. Plus, the VACUFLO system doesn’t leave a lingering, post-vacuum smell that can irritate the throat and nasal passages.

Ease of Use

The VACUFLO built-in unit is incredibly easy for our clients to use whenever they need it. Plugging the hose into its port automatically activates the motors to start vacuuming. And since the motors are located outside the house, the system is very quiet, which means our clients can clean at any time hassle-free. Finally, our clients have toe-kick operated ports located under the cabinets and walls to remove dropped food particles or tracked-in dirt swiftly. 

Are you ready to see what ResTech Systems can do for your home in Minnetonka, MN? Reach out to our team via phone, online form, or live chat on our website to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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