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Maxwell Bay: Bringing Comfort Home with Smart Climate Control


Learn about our innovative use of temperature sensors for the Maxwell Bay project

ResTech Systems recently completed a luxury automated home for a couple in the Minnetonka, MN, area: the Maxwell Bay house. The house is fully automated with Savant and has integrated lighting, shading climate, security, entertainment, and central vacuuming solutions that our clients can easily operate with the press of a button. 

One of the focal points of this project was creating a comfortable, energy-efficient environment inside. We accomplished this with lighting and shading solutions, as well as smart temperature sensors placed throughout the house for climate control. Keep reading to get a deeper look into this aspect of the Maxwell Bay project!

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Climate Control

The Maxwell Bay home is large and requires multiple thermostats to regulate the indoor temperature and humidity levels throughout the house. However, all those thermostats create unappealing wall clutter that our clients didn’t want to ruin their modern aesthetic. So our team at ResTech Systems worked closely with the HVAC contractor to relocate nine smart thermostats to a hidden closet and replace them with discreet temperature sensors in every room. Once we covered the probes with matching paint, they blended seamlessly into their surroundings. 

Each probe monitors the room’s temperature and sends the data back to its corresponding thermostat. The smart sensors and thermostats provide more controlled temperature regulation throughout the house — they can automatically adjust the temperature room-by-room based on the weather outside and our clients’ preferences and daily routines. Smart climate control not only keeps every room at a comfortable temperature but helps conserve energy to lower future utility bills. 

Plus, our clients can change the temperature in any room or reprogram their desired temperature ranges with one button press using an app on their smartphones. 

Lighting and Shading Control


Vantage lighting and QMotion motorized shades also work hard to keep our clients comfortable year-round while conserving as much energy as possible. Motion-activated sensors automate lights turning on and off based on room occupancy, ensuring that lighting is only used when and where it’s needed. 

All the lights in the Maxwell Bay house are dimmable, meaning our clients can adjust the brightness to a comfortable level and save energy in the process by lowering each bulb’s output. Additionally, motorized shades can be raised and lowered with the tap of a button or on a schedule to provide natural light or sun protection as needed based on the sun’s position and intensity.

Our clients have multiple options to control the lights and shades in their house. They can use a mobile app or press a button on a wall-mounted keypad to pull up their desired lighting and shading settings instantly.

Are you ready to see what ResTech Systems can do for your home in Minnetonka, MN? Reach out to our team via phone, online form, or live chat on our website to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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