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The Incredible Features of a Smart Home Lighting System

A well-lit dining area with an eight-seat dining table and Lutron shades partially drawn.

One-Touch and Automated Lighting & Shading Control

Whether you’re in the pre-building stages or remodeling, now’s the time to consider a smart home lighting system. These systems allow you and your family to control natural and artificial light with one touch to craft the perfect environment and mood for every occasion. 

At ResTech Systems, we partner with Lutron and Savant, two of the leading home automation and lighting brands. Let’s explore just what smart lighting offers and how it’s transforming homes in Plymouth, MN, and the surrounding areas. Keep reading!

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One-Touch & Automated Control

A smart home lighting system transforms walls of light switches into elegant, custom-engraved keypads, touchscreens, and remotes. Savant and Lutron’s compatibility means you can experience the best these two powerhouse brands offer. 

This includes Savant’s whole-home automation platform that controls lighting, climate, entertainment, security, and more, along with Lutron’s extensive lighting and shading options with stylish keypads. 

With one touch, manage every light and window shade in your home with a simple tap of your finger. Even better, let your home do it for you with preset schedules and automation. Your motorized window shades raise and lower throughout the day based on the changing sun, bringing the benefits of diffused, natural daylight into your home. At the same time, your lights dim or brighten with the changing level of natural light to create the perfect environment and reduce energy waste.

Smart Lighting Control Scenes

At ResTech Systems, we incorporate both lighting automation and design. We explore each room to determine how our clients want to use these varied spaces. We consider task lighting under kitchen cabinets, in reading nooks, and at your desk in your home office. We’ll explore the areas you want to draw attention to, highlighting artwork, family photos, fireplace mantles, and the home's best architectural features. 

One of the truly remarkable aspects of today’s lighting design is the full-spectrum lighting that allows homeowners and designers to change the lights to every color in the visible spectrum, a little over 16 million different shades. Once we understand your lifestyle, we’ll program settings and schedules that transform your lights and other systems simultaneously, setting the mood for various occasions.

For example, if you enjoy relaxing when you return home from work, we can program your home to adjust the lights to the color of the sunset, stream your “Relaxing” playlist throughout your home, and heat the spa when you walk in the door or at a specific time of day. 

If you regularly have friends over for dinner and movies, we can program an “Entertain” button that illuminates your outdoor landscape lights, sets the dining area lights to the color of candlelight, transforms the living area with a wash of soft violet blue, and starts the “Party” playlist. When it's time for a movie, tap the "Movie" button, and the lights dim, the shades lower, and the large flat-screen TV appears from behind a painting. 

You can also manage your home even when you’re away. Pull up the Savant app on your mobile device and check the status of the lights, climate, and shades, and adjust them accordingly. Today, almost anything is possible with smart home lighting and automation!

To learn more about this remarkable system or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact ResTech Systems today.

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