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Top 3 Benefits of Bringing Circadian Lighting Controls into Your Home


Did You Know that Light Plays a Major Role in Your Overall Well-Being? 

You’ve probably heard of the circadian rhythm being referred to as our internal clock. And it works just like a regular clock with an alarm that our body sets off to stay in tune with natural light from the sun. Its most important function is to let us know it’s time to wake up or wind down for rest, based on the amount of light in your environment. 

Striking a good balance is essential to achieving a healthy circadian rhythm, and lighting control plays a key role. Read on to learn about the benefits of bringing circadian lighting into your Wayzata, MN home.

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Adjust Seamlessly to the Changing Seasons

Fall is here and winter is coming, so the days are shorter and natural light is scarce. Add plummeting temperatures and you have a perfect recipe for the winter blues. That’s where circadian lighting control comes in, as it allows you to optimize the temperature and intensity of artificial light to sync up to your circadian rhythms. You can even customize and make the most out of your natural light experience with automated window shades. With a healthy circadian rhythm, you’ll be full of energy even during the whitest of winters and able to tackle any holiday shopping, cooking, or hosting that comes your way. 

Better Sleep, Better Life

We’ve all been there, it’s midnight and you’re still wide awake in bed tossing and turning. You wonder why you just can never seem to get a good night’s sleep but never thought of those bright lights in your living room as the culprit. 

Dimmed lights help your body release dopamine and melatonin to aid in relaxation, so a big and excessively bright light will disrupt that process. On the other hand, your body produces cortisol in the morning to help you stay alert during the day, so a permanently dark room makes waking up difficult.

Now, imagine you could sync all the lights in your home to your internal clock with the touch of a button. Or program all your window shades to gradually open in the morning and let the sunlight in to get that cortisol flowing. The result would inevitably be the best sleep of your life, every night.

Get More Productive for Longer

You may have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it may even be a problem for you. Light plays a big part in SAD (a very apt acronym), affecting your mood and productivity.

As we learned above, your body’s cortisol production is very important to stay alert and focused, so a circadian light setup will brighten your environment when you most need it. For example, if you are working from home during a particularly dark and damp morning, you can hit the lights to simulate bright and beautiful sunlight in your office and start knocking those pending tasks out. 

Circadian Lighting at Your Fingertips 

Maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm requires a delicate balance, and full schedules and exposure to uncontrolled artificial lighting can easily wreak havoc on your internal clock. Luckily, circadian lighting control can help you realign your internal clock with the touch of a button.

ResTech Systems is here and ready to help you craft the perfect lighting solution for your needs. We work with top brands like Vantage, DMF Fixtures, and Savant Lighting to bring only the best of the best to your Wayzata, MN home. Give us a call at (763) 710-5700, fill out our contact form, or have a chat with us to find out how we can work together!

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