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The Top Considerations in Today’s Home Lighting

A well-lit home with curb appeal.

The Power of Different Lights and Their Uses

For many, flipping a light switch is the first act upon rising and the last before retiring. It’s so common an action that we barely notice it or how the light affects our homes. Like many things in life, it has become such a part of our everyday lives that we take it for granted.

Our lights, however, can offer so much more than simply allowing us to perform a task or leading us safely in the dark. Today’s home lighting automation lets us create incredible lighting designs in unique and unusual places, generating visual intrigue that makes us stop for a moment and remember the power of light. 

Let’s explore some of the remarkable technology that’s changed the face and function of lighting.

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Led Light Vs. Incandescent Light

Incandescent lights are your “classic” light bulb that’s been around since the 1800s. They are available in three main color temperatures—soft white, cool white, and daylight—and do not stray from their appointed color temperature. They are also omnidirectional, producing light in all directions and making them ideal for floor lamps, wall sconces, table lamps, and chandeliers. 

They also offer a very high color rendering index (CRI). This is the light's ability to reveal an object's color faithfully.

Comparatively, LED lights are highly energy-efficient and use up to 75% less energy than their incandescent brothers. They can also last up to 25 times longer, making them an ideal choice for homeowners looking to create a greener home. 

Another LED benefit is color. Today, they can generate the entire visible light spectrum, giving homeowners almost unlimited colors of light. These colors can come from one source, which means you can change the color of your lights for any occasion, mood, or activity. When integrated with home automation, changing the colors and intensities of your lights is effortless.

These lights are best used in different areas and for various purposes. For instance, high CRI purpose lighting is a good option when highlighting artwork to keep the colors accurate. 

Curb Appeal

Landscape lighting is another example of lights that offer more than functionality. Curb appeal is much more than setting the stage to sell your home. It sets the mood when you arrive home in the dark and lights the way for friends and family. The right landscape lighting can turn a home from dark and uninviting to beautiful, intriguing, and welcoming. 

While we could write a book on this type of lighting design, there are a few key elements used to make your home shine. One is creating areas of light and shadow. Downlights installed high in trees create the effect of moonlight, a beautiful and natural impression. 

Landscape lighting should bring out your home’s best features, whether trees, ponds, or architectural elements. With the holidays quickly approaching, you may consider adding some LED lights that can change color and mood for every season.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities in today’s lighting? At ResTech Systems, we create tailored solutions using the latest technology in home automation and lighting design, making beautiful homes that are effortless to control. To learn more about home lighting automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact ResTech Systems today.

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